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Celebrities teach their craft in eLearning courses

Celebrities teach their craft in eLearning courses

Think you could design a building like this one? Maybe you can, after some lessons from the man who designed it (Frank Gehry). Want to play tennis like Serena Williams or cook like Gordon Ramsay? Be as funny as Steve Martin? Act as well as Kevin Spacey or Dustin Hoffman? If you want to try, how about hearing these stars’ tricks of the trade in their own words?

This is the aim of Masterclass, an eLearning startup that has persuaded a number of famous leading lights to spill the beans on their craft in the form of video lessons. The classes can be bought instantly and given as gifts. Most are priced at $90 and contain multiple videos. Also included is a downloadable course book, and in some cases even direct instructor feedback, though it is likely this will be very limited.

The idea is to simply go straight to the top and learn from the very best. So in addition to the luminaries mentioned above, you can learn filmmaking from Werner Hertzog, film scoring from Hans Zimmer, screenwriting from Aaron Sorkin, singing from Christina Aguilera, writing from James Patterson, electronic music production from Deadmau5, the art of performance from Usher, photography from Annie Leibovitz, and writing for television from Shonda Rhimes.

Each of these people are at the very top of their field. They try to provide a fast-forward past the mistakes they made on their way to success, and to condense their hard-won wisdom into the soundest advice they can give. In the case of Serena Williams, she takes you through 2 hours of her own core techniques, fitness drills and tips for the mental game. Deadmau5 demonstrates how to mix original sounds without spending money on million dollar gear. Kevin Spacey teaches ways to stand out in the casting room, perfect monologues and master impressions.

These courses are a great idea for gifting to aspiring artists.