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Become a Pokemon Professor

Become a Pokémon Professor

Yes, that’s a thing and there’s a course for it. There are three grades of Pokémon Professor: Basic Rank Professor, Stage 1 Rank Professor, and Stage 2 Rank Professor. The courses are delivered via


Basic Rank Professors get to make coffee for the Stage 1 and 2 guys and their range of duties extends no further than registering players at events, signing up new players, basic reporting on events and setting up games. They’ll already be Pokémon fanatics with good playing skills, but have yet to show the dedication and mastery to take them to the next level.


Stage 1 Rank Professors are more hardcore. They need to have proven they are able to deal with issues arising at tournaments including disruptions, staffing issues and late players. They need to have an in-depth understanding of in-game tiebreakers and basic competence in troubleshooting game registration and mid-match game glitches.


Stage 2 Rank Professors are complete ninjas who have sworn true allegiance to Pokémon. They must staff at least 12 events a year to retain their Stage 2 title. The skills they have evolved include an in-depth understanding of everything Pokémon: major problem-solving, rewinding and fixing the game state, identifying cheating and training judges.


All Pokémon Professors must adhere to the Core Values: Integrity, Honesty and Responsibility. They must also preach the Spirit of the Game: fun, fairness, honesty, respect, sportsmanship, and learning.


Pokémon is a monster-fighting game in which humans catch and train monsters (Pokémons, a Japanese way of saying “pocket monsters”) to fight each other. It was created by Satoshi Taijiri in 1995 and began as a game for the Game Boy, since flourishing into video games, trading card games (which this course focuses on), animated TV shows and movies, comic books and toys.