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Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake

Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake

It’s a cruel fact that the world’s call centres and fast food restaurants are full of workers who have an arts degree but don’t know how to capitalise on it. World famous Central Saint Martins arts and design college aims to change this. It doesn’t just train people to be arty and then release them into the wild to fend for themselves – it also offers a trio of courses in business skills aimed at helping students live their dream and make a living from it. For students with a vision of starting and running an arts-based business, this commercial orientation from CSM carries huge value and saves them from a life of flipping burgers. Indeed, if they play their cards right it could make them very wealthy.


Business Skills for Creatives consists of the following three courses.


Business Start Up for Creatives consists of 8 live online sessions outlining some basic issues around intellectual property, legal trading status, key legal issues, tax, money management, contract law, crowdfunding and invoicing. This arms artists with the knowledge they need to protect their ideas and concepts, stay on the right side of the law and raise money for projects.


Business Growth for Creatives is for those who may have been self-employed, in a partnership, or running a sole-director company for a number of years already. They are offered guidance on building revenue and growth in the form of taking on staff, identifying growth markets, business planning, marketing, finance, premises, accountancy systems, manufacture, and trade shows. Further legal issues are explored around these areas. The aim is to take a student from micro-enterprise to flourishing company.


Entrepreneurship for Creatives is all about selling ideas to investors.  Students learn how to develop hard-nosed practical skills such as negotiating terms, taking calculated risks and developing a focused strategy. Further entrepreneurial skills are covered including attracting attention through creative marketing, presentation and negotiating skills, trends and innovation, evaluating change and risk-taking. By the end of this course students should be able to deliver a polished pitch for their concept and business idea, and be able to hold their own in a room full of investors.


All courses come with a free hour of legal advice from City law firm Silverman Sherliker LLP and a free consultation and discount from Creative Barcode towards IP protection, IP tags and other fields involved in protection of ideas. As a whole, the Business Skills for creatives series from Central Saint Martin’s helps established or emerging creative professionals to make their ideas into tangible and successful businesses.