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Alcohol Server Training: get your certificate from just $5.00

Alcohol Server Training certificate from just $5.00

Serving alcohol to people can have undesirable consequences if it is not done sensibly. As an alcohol server, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that only people of legal age are served and that they are the ones consuming the alcohol. To conform with state laws you must have an alcohol server certificate that shows you have taken the necessary training.

Not only bartenders and waiters need alcohol server training. It also extends to those who supervise, manage or control the sale of alcoholic beverages. This training teaches the skills required to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking. It can be used to mitigate liability in the case of lawsuits involving intoxication by showing intent on the part of the establishment – this is known as a ‘reasonable efforts defense’.

The course also teaches the people skills necessary to identify intoxication, defuse awkward situations, and when necessary refuse to serve with confidence and without offending the customer.

The training is web-based and takes from 2 to 6 hours to complete. Upon successful completion a certificate is issued that can be downloaded and printed. The course comes from Responsible Training, an ANSI approved program certificate issuer with experience in the licensed premises industry. Responsible Training are an established and trusted Alcohol Server training provider and an ANSI-approved program certificate issuer.

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