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Acting up: New degree course for aspiring actors in Brighton, England

Acting up: New degree course for aspiring actors in Brighton, England

A new degree course for aspiring actors and performers is to begin this September in Brighton and Hove, England.

The Brighton Institute for Contemporary Theatre Training (BRICTT) is offering the city’s first degree in acting and performance. Accredited by the University of Sussex, the course also has strong ties to Brighton Film School, the British and Irish Modern Music Institute and the city’s Theatre Royal, and draws on BRICTT’s core trinity of acting, dance and vocal technique.

As well as professional training in the performing arts and talent development, the course will teach career skills such as mental resilience, positive health and wellbeing, time and stress management skills, and more. Undergraduates will be encouraged to create their own work and develop a clear vision of their artistic and professional directions. The final year includes a Production Project and an Ensemble Performance Project, alongside Analytical Perspectives and Professional Development workshops.

Course founder Mia Bird said: “With an emphasis on life coaching and physical and mental wellbeing, the BRICTT ethos is to nurture our young performers to be the best that they can be.

“We will eradicate any self-limiting doubts with a focus on building their confidence to enable them to stand up and achieve their full potential acquiring or securing the life skills needed to transfer into any job or training the future holds for them.”

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy principal Dylan Davies said: “What sets this course apart and makes it so extraordinary is that students will not only be taught by a faculty of such exceptional standard, they will also have access to BRICTT’s industry connections and celebrity guests who will offer career guidance and opportunities for the developing performer. What an opportunity for our students.”