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The $10 MBA

The $10 MBA

Why spend a year and thousands of dollars being drip-fed an MBA when you can buy a $10 course that condenses it all into a few hours? How much of the detail of a full-fat MBA will you actually remember and apply to your career anyway?

Okay, a full MBA will familiarise you, through repetition, with many business terms and management philosophies and lead you through dozens of case studies in which these are brought to life. But if you are a quick learner and willing to really focus, a bite-sized micro-MBA may be enough to get you speaking the lingo of the boardroom so you can at least bluff it (which is what most successful businesspeople do anyway). And the textbooks are all out there for anybody to buy and read.

It depends on the extent to which you are willing to view business studies as an academic subject. People do PhD’s on this stuff. Is that what you want, or do you want enough knowledge to not be left behind when people in suits are talking to you?

If you fall into the second category, one of the top-selling courses on Udemy provides just what you seek: the essentials of the MBA in a highly concentrated series of video lectures. Just add water. With the rather cumbersome title An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business school Prof, the $10 MBA consists of 8 hours of on-demand video, 33 articles and 65 supplemental resources. Once you’ve handed over your 10 dead presidents, you get full lifetime access. What’s not to like?

Well, the lack of peer interaction, mainly. This course won’t get you forming teams, making presentations and working on group projects. But if you’re OK with that, and for $10 why shouldn’t you be – you’ll get the keys to the MBA kingdom without a certificate or a map of how to get there. If you’re a real go-getter and can focus alone, this could be the fast-forward button you’ve been looking for. It could also help as a revision guide for those poor saps who have parted with thousands for a full-blown MBA.