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The ultimate dashboard for training managers

A new breed of software platform is emerging onto the training management market. It brings together in one place the many diverse functions that training managers need to keep track of, and streamlines processes for maximum responsiveness to change and increased profitability.

How to estimate anything

How would you respond to the job interview question ‘How many electric kettles are there in New York State?’ It is beneficial to be able to make a procedurally-based, well-informed guess that shows you have the smarts to arrive at a logical approximation.

‘Just-in-time’ Business Courses from Filtered Learning

The well-known manufacturing principle of just-in-time aims to ensure that the right part arrives on the assembly line in the right place and the exact moment it is needed, thus reducing inventory overheads and making for a lean and efficient process.

Bite sized business courses from My Online Learning

When you need to improve a specific business skill and don’t have time for long courses, evening classes or time off work, short off-the-peg online courses can be the answer to learning exactly what you need, when you need it.

Diplomats needed!

With the UK having voted to leave the European Union and right-wing leaders in Europe and around the world celebrating the decision (when this was written), it might be a good time for future leaders, administrators and businesspeople to deepen their knowledge of International Relations.