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New ‘T-Levels’ aim to boost UK technical education

The man responsible for the UK’s finances, Chancellor Philip Hammond, issued the nation’s 2017 budget last week. In his budget speech, he acknowledged that the UK trails much of the rest of the world when it comes to post-16 education in vocational subjects. In an effort to tackle this problem and boost the nation’s productivity, he plans to overhaul how technical education is administered and taught.

Microsoft rolls out new Office training videos

It’s all very well talking about advanced pivot tables in Excel, but what about people who need to grasp the basics of using Microsoft Office? Like how to create a Table of Contents, copy some formatting or filter a column? It’s often the type of thing you are struggling with at the office when a colleague leans over, grabs your mouse and does it in two seconds. That’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it?

FileMaker in a nutshell: Relational Database training

FileMaker is a relational database application that runs on Mac and Windows. It’s owned by Apple, Inc. via its subsidiary FileMaker Inc, formerly Claris. It began life in the early 1980s as an MS-DOS program called Nutshell and has been through many iterations.

Can you learn to be an entrepreneur?

The word ‘entrepreneur’ comes from the French verb entreprendre, to undertake. It denotes a person who sets things in motion – a prime mover, rather than someone who takes instructions from others in order to make a living. It could be said to define a character trait rather than a job title. If so, how can entrepreneurship be taught?

Poll position: New Market Research Courses

"Judge a person by their questions rather than their answers" - Voltaire


In business and government, making too many assumptions can be fatal. Business leaders and civil servants need hard data on their markets and customers if they do not want to be left stumbling around in the dark. On the daily news you often see names like Ipsos MORI, Gartner and ACNielsen, often at the foot of a pie chart, animation or other representation of data. These are three of the leading companies who do market research, alongside other activities like polls and consulting.

The North Sea Bubble: Brexit Studies

The UK’s departure from the European Union is far from a done deal. It is very much an ongoing situation whose ramifications will be felt for decades to come. Government departments are scrambling to restructure themselves for a post-Brexit future, and the sound of head-scratching will continue to ring out on the British and European political landscape for a generation. Laws must be rewritten, business relationships reshuffled, and demographics reassessed. Taxation must be redrafted, subsidies reimagined and public finances melted down and re-minted. It’s a difficult divorce.