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The $10 MBA

Why spend a year and thousands of dollars being drip-fed an MBA when you can buy a $10 course that condenses it all into a few hours? How much of the detail of a full-fat MBA will you actually remember and apply to your career anyway?

Master’s without a bachelor’s? Now you can

In 1233 a papal bull decreed that anyone admitted to the mastership at the University of Toulouse should be allowed to teach freely in any other university. Ever since then it has been set in stone that the rite of passage into a master’s degree is a three or four-year undergraduate degree. Pretty much by definition, a master’s is a follow-on from a bachelor’s degree.

The new Saudi vision for self-reliance

Global oil prices reached a historic peak in May 2008 at $143.91 a barrel. By January 2009 the price had plunged to $48.37. A gradual recovery from this slump continued until June 2014, when another massive crash took the price of oil back to 2009 levels.

Stuck in a rut? Career development for farmers

With Brexit looming, UK farmers stand to lose or gain the most of all industries. The worst case scenario is the devastation of the farming sector by the ending of EU subsidies, which currently constitute 60% of the income of the average UK farm. The government has promised to match EU subsidies until 2020, but has so far been silent on what happens after that.