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Agribusiness: building a fertile career

In the current business environment, changing customer purchasing behaviours and technological innovations are changing the business landscape for food producers and the food supply chain. New value creation and delivery models are redefining growth and profitability across the globe. In order to stay competitive in this changing environment, all operators need to stay up to date with their knowledge.

Franchises: How to keep your shirt and make money

Despite lavish-sounding marketing gush from franchises who want to attract new franchisees, there is no guarantee that you will turn a profit at all, let alone run your business from a laptop in the Bahamas as you soak up the sun. Some franchises are genuinely great propositions (if you run them well), and others look good on paper but are minefields in reality. An aspiring franchisee’s mind should be buzzing with questions.

Mandarin Chinese: not as difficult as you think

It’s understandable for a Westerner to assume that Chinese is terrifyingly difficult to learn. With its impenetrable written characters and unfamiliar sounds, at first sight it can seem like a complex machine that only highly skilled experts are capable of understanding and using.

But when you take a little time to scratch the surface and pick up its principles one step at a time, not only is it quite similar to English but also refreshingly logical and simple. For example, here is an introduction to Chinese characters from the British Council:

The business and law of blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies to impact business in recent years. Its significance is such that understanding its ramifications is an interdisciplinary subject spanning technology, business, law and education. Its applications extend far beyond the cryptocurrency applications – Bitcoin, Ethereum and others – for which it is best known. Blockchain’s ability to generate a distributed ledger of events and transactions that cannot be retrospectively altered makes it ideal for academic records, for example.

Start a business the right way

Dissatisfied with your job or can’t find one that fits you? Then create your own! Starting a business isn’t easy, but the self-empowerment of taking the initiative is incalculable. Creating your own company is one of the most concrete ways of turning dreams into reality. Not only will it generate cash for your own pocket, but if the business grows it will provide livelihoods to others who work for you – that is until they start their own companies, for which of course you will have been the inspiration (keep telling your ego that).

Rise of the football colleges

Football (soccer) is an industry like many others. But its pull is exceptionally strong for young people. Many years before they hear the call of operations management or get their heads round freight forwarding, they kick a ball around and fantasise about scoring at Wembley. This simple passion creates a funnel of eager souls wanting to get into the football industry.