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Well, well, well: how ‘blue gold’ will shape future worlds

2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road was all about water scarcity, how it can be exploited in order to wield power, and how desperate people can get when their access to water is restricted or cut off. The film predicts a future in which violent despots can gain control of water supplies and use them to manipulate populations. This futuristic conflict is based entirely on access to water.

Digital Leadership: nurture your roar talent

Running a business used to be an analog affair based on straightforward principles. Retail? Buy low, sell high. Services? Give a little, charge a lot. Rinse and repeat. But then a flood of zeroes and ones invaded business, disrupted everything and changed the way we work, making us dependent on it in order to perpetuate itself. Whether we become slaves to the beast or tame it to serve our own ends depends on us.

Crouching tiger, hidden teacher: learn Chinese on Skype

Learning Chinese is not as hard as you might think. It just looks scary to Westerners because of the unfamiliar writing. In fact, Mandarin Chinese is refreshingly simple and logical to learn. Here’s an example from the British Council in which they introduce us to Chinese characters:

Bringing Formula 1 thinking to the corporate boardroom

The relentless pace of Formula 1 innovation is legendary. Performance on track depends on the constant examination and improvement of every aspect of a complex machine and its track team in order to gain a small but significant edge on rivals, who are themselves all striving in the same way. Competition is so fierce in F1 that the sport’s HQ have launched a series of management events aimed at bringing some of that constant innovation thinking into the business world.

Executive education for digital disruption

The Institute for Digital Business Strategy is a new online school with the aim of helping executives in Africa and other continents to manage the process of realigning their strategies in the face of digital disruption.

Forbes launches new eLearning platform

Forbes is angling for a bite of the Continuing Professional Education market with, its new eLearning platform launched June 6. Aspiring professionals, the bedrock of Forbes’ readership, can now choose from 60-plus self-paced online courses focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, business, IT, sales and cybersecurity.