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‘Just-in-time’ Business Courses from Filtered Learning

The well-known manufacturing principle of just-in-time aims to ensure that the right part arrives on the assembly line in the right place and the exact moment it is needed, thus reducing inventory overheads and making for a lean and efficient process.

Bite sized business courses from My Online Learning

When you need to improve a specific business skill and don’t have time for long courses, evening classes or time off work, short off-the-peg online courses can be the answer to learning exactly what you need, when you need it.

Diplomats needed!

With the UK having voted to leave the European Union and right-wing leaders in Europe and around the world celebrating the decision (when this was written), it might be a good time for future leaders, administrators and businesspeople to deepen their knowledge of International Relations.

Use your loaf: study Baking Technology Management

London’s South Bank University is offering a foundation degree in Baking Technology Management. Brioche, bagels and brownies don’t find their way onto supermarket shelves by themselves, and somebody has got to know how to keep malt bread squishy and crackers cracky. offer fast track Moodle course

One of the outstanding small business opportunities of our times is selling courses online, and one of the best systems to do it on is Moodle. The world of education is moving away from traditional college degrees, evening classes and correspondence courses towards a ‘just-in-time’ model in which learners pick and choose what they need to learn right now, and can get instant access to it.