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The formula for success: Excel training

Most office workers know a few Excel functions to get them through the day. But that’s like driving a Ferrari at walking pace. Excel is a massively powerful piece of software that can do almost anything that’s asked of it – if only you know how. Excel has arguably saved more hours of work than any other piece of software, but it needs to be programmed to do so. This means there is a substantial market for Excel training.

CPR for countries: Business after conflict

After regional conflicts, when one side has won, both have given up and gone home, or when there’s nobody left to fight, there is work to do. Post-conflict reconstruction does what it can to clean up the mess, and business has a key role in it.

Would you like flies with that? Food safety training

When we go into a restaurant, we put our trust in its staff to give us food that’s in tip-top shape. Our health and happiness depend on procedures like maintaining the cold chain, cleaning surfaces, sterilizing utensils, checking cooking temperatures and a raft of other details that can make the difference between healthy and dangerous.

The ultimate dashboard for training managers

A new breed of software platform is emerging onto the training management market. It brings together in one place the many diverse functions that training managers need to keep track of, and streamlines processes for maximum responsiveness to change and increased profitability.

How to estimate anything

How would you respond to the job interview question ‘How many electric kettles are there in New York State?’ It is beneficial to be able to make a procedurally-based, well-informed guess that shows you have the smarts to arrive at a logical approximation.