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Authors: turn your learning content into an eLearning course!

Productize your knowledge!

Bloggers, freelancers, hobbyists, speakers, authors, consultants: turn your expertise into an educational product that can be sold online.

You provide the original learning content

It can be in a variety of formats, such as PDF, Powerpoint, Word Docs or paper-based.

We convert the learning content into an eLearning course

We turn it into an eLearning format that can be delivered online.

We provide the LMS, hosting and eCommerce

We do the technical work of hosting the Moodle LMS, creating a dedicated portal for your courses and integrating it with our specialized eCommerce software to start selling your courses.

We build you a professionally designed web store

We hand-build an attractive, modern web store and catalog with full shopping cart capability.

We market your course

We operate on a revenue share model, so we’re just as interested in selling your courses as you are! Our professional marketing team builds sales funnels for your courses and continues to market them for years to come.

Let’s talk

There are several revenue models to choose from. Complete the form below and we’ll start a conversation to assess your content’s suitability and give you a quote on the above services.