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Your own hosted LMS portal

For a simple monthly fee we offer you your own fully hosted multi-tenancy LMS portal based on Moodle.

Build your own online school without the technical hassle!

We have two decades of experience working with eLearning software and are specialists in building LMS solutions. So we’re the right people to host and maintain your LMS portal for you.

Walk-away guarantee

Walk away at any time with all your course content backup data made available to you within 48 hours.

We don’t lock you into a lengthy contract. Just pay a monthly fee. You can walk away at any time with a complete backup of your course database.

Work with real people rather than web forms

We are a group of experts able to provide you with everything you need to build, maintain and administer your own online school. We host and maintain the LMS for you and provide full phone and email technical support, so you don’t need to run a server or hire your own technical people.

Moodle is the world’s most popular LMS

It has a modern, easy-to-use interface that is responsive and accessible. It works on desktop and mobile to accommodate learners on their choice of device. File management and course uploads are drag and drop. The dashboard is personalizable to individuals within your organisation, displaying current, past and future courses and tasks due.

Learners have a range of collaborative tools and activities including chat, assignments, forums, surveys, peer-to-peer workshops and wikis – enabling the growth of a community around your courses.

A full suite of assignment tools allows you to drive engagement with your students by having them submit their work in many forms including audio clips and PDF, allowing you to provide rich feedback and keep them engaged.

Moodle offers full tracking of grades, activities and competencies – and administrators can define what ‘completion’ means for each course item. See each student’s activity completion progress at a glance in the Activity Completion report. Gamify courses and motivate learners by awarding badges for activity completion. See which learners are at risk of failing to complete in the Analytics dashboard. And much, much more.

Full list of Moodle features »

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