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One of the outstanding small business opportunities of our times is selling courses online, and one of the best systems to do it on is Moodle. The world of education is moving away from traditional college degrees, evening classes and correspondence courses towards a ‘just-in-time’ model in which learners pick and choose what they need to learn right now, and can get instant access to it.

The North Sea Bubble: Brexit Studies

The UK’s departure from the European Union is far from a done deal. It is very much an ongoing situation whose ramifications will be felt for decades to come. Government departments are scrambling to restructure themselves for a post-Brexit future, and the sound of head-scratching will continue to ring out on the British and European political landscape for a generation. Laws must be rewritten, business relationships reshuffled, and demographics reassessed. Taxation must be redrafted, subsidies reimagined and public finances melted down and re-minted. It’s a difficult divorce.

Work hard, play hard: Gamification

TV game shows love progress bars, don’t they? The contestants and audience hold their breath as blocks light up to create a path towards a prize, or a big thermometer-like thing rises until a desired goal is reached. We seem to be hard-wired to respond to these visualisations of progress, and get a sense of achievement and reward when the goal is reached.

Pick-and-mix business skills: Executive Education

We wrote recently about an accelerated 1-year MBA course that packs a full MBA into 11 months. That’s perfect if you move in circles where an MBA is indispensable for getting ahead. But if those three letters after your name are not that essential to you and you need specific business skills without having to enroll in a full postgraduate degree, you can pick and mix the skills you need by taking shorter business courses with a specific focus.

Life in the fast lane: the one-year MBA

If business can be defined as a language, your fluency in it defines your level in the global hierarchy of commercial activity. From hot dog stand to corporate boardroom there is a spectrum of fluency in business terms, concepts and ideas. At the top you find people who have mastered these to enable themselves to move in C-suite circles with confidence. Many of those who didn’t get there from the hot dog stand by sheer force of will and chutzpah will have got an MBA under their belt to help them progress their careers.